The Mystery of the Grey Goose

‘Twas a dark and stormy night … All right, it wasn’t, but a certain air of weirdness had descended over The Chookery yesterday evening after the last post had been played on the blow-your-own-trumpet that is When I went down to put the geese and chooks away, there were only three geese – the grey goose had completely disappeared! I checked around the coops, but no sign of her. The fences and gates were secure, so no chance of her wandering. A search was immediately instigated around the whole of the paddock, through the clumps of reeds, bushes and trees and in the bottom of the unsuccessful pond attempt, but no sign of her. What was more odd was that there were no feathers, so she was obviously intact somewhere. Being mindful that the fence along the river bank could be accessible to the determined goose, I went over the fence and walked along the bank for some distance and back up alongside the garden towards Eddie’s, but no sign. It was only as I turned back and looked up at the coops that I saw her: she had made a nest underneath one of the coops that the Queen of the Chooks had suggested be raised up from the ground for nursery accommodation for the chooks. Well, I was relieved to find her safe and well and curious at her determination to nest, so I let her be to see what would happen. True to form, this evening she was off that nest and wandering around having let the eggs get cold, so they were recovered for their commercial and food potential. Her attraction to this spot is strong, however, for she went back under there this evening at bed-time and had to be rooted out firmly with the Chookholder’s Staff of Office, which she greatly resented. That coop is now off-limits to the geese (apart from the chinese goose, who can get under almost any fence she chooses) and I shall try to encourage her to continue to lay in the nice rushy best that the geese made for themselves over the weekend in their habitual coop.


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