Small incidents from Islay

Today was an Islay day, so off at the first crack of sparrow-fart to catch the ferry. This means getting-up at 0430 and leaving the house at 0515 to be confident of being at Kennacraig at least the requisite 45 minutes before the ferry sails.
A clear day with a reasonable amount of sunshine, if some intermittent heavy showers, awaited the intrepid traveller on arrival at Port Ellen. A few very quick visits in the town and then out to The Oa, nearly as far as the American Monument for my next stop. A phone call from the boss upset the planned itinerary, but after a few stops in Bowmore, everything was back on course. The afternoon saw me viewing the cooling water supply for a distillery that shall remain nameless, but which had once suffered the indignity of having an otter thumping into the plant at speed having been caught up into the water intake a couple of miles away. Given the time that the poor old otter spent in the pipes and the fact that it inevitably drowned, the greater indignity was certainly the otter’s.
With an hour to kill before having to get to the ferry at Port Askaig, took a short detour from the main road to visit the Caol Ila distillery and a quick sample of the 18-year-old in the factory shop, together with a superb view across the Sound of Islay to Jura, whence I shall have to journey a week on Friday, if current predictions hold true.
Annoyingly, I found I had left my “piece” at home this morning and had to purchase a meal on the afternoon ferry back home. Still, at least the sandwiches will do for tomorrow.


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