Baking Bread

The Chookery is in the habit of baking its own bread. More accurately, PTC acts as baker to the royal household and the chooks get the benefit of any stale bready left-overs. The disadvantage of the arrangement from the point of view of the chooks is that there are very seldom any left-overs, because the bread is excellent, moreish and generally consumed with gusto (available from all good grocers).
The current favourite recipe is a mixed white-and-wholemeal flour, with olive oil and sunflower seeds mixed in before proving the loaves. Very tasty, even more so when toasted with marmalade.
I mention this because this entry is being posted whilst the bread is rising in the airing cupboard and the casserole that will fuel my endeavours for the next couple of days is doing its thing in the oven.
No eggs today from either geese nor chooks, or at least none from the chooks that I can uplift. The two broody black chooks are back at it again inside the coop and Her Maj and I have decided to let them be and see what happens in the next three weeks. If there are successful hatchings, then we shall move them down to the nursery enclosure and hope their respective mums cope with the change.
Off to Islay tomorrow. It’s peeing down here at the moment and I will have to go wandering around over hillsides looking at water supplies for one of the distilleries tomorrow. I take some comfort from the forecast for Bowmore tomorrow (representing Islay as a whole) showing “sunny”. In reality, that means it will probably pee down. So, up at 0430, leave the house at 0515 and breakfast on the ferry about 0730. At least they do a fine cooked breakfast and it’s the only time I really indulge in those.
It looks as if I shall have to go over again next week and cross onwards to Jura for another job that has come in. There is a chance that I shall have to stay overnight before coming back because of the ferry times, which would be a mixed blessing. Still, it’s a tough job and someone has to do it.


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