B*oody poor show

Her Maj has spent all day at home today whilst I have been in to work for a fitful eight hours doing battle with the lassitude that overcomes me when away from The Chookery. Whilst I have been shuffling papers and emails from one pile to another, she has been (wo)manfully emptying boxes and generally starting to make the place look like home, for which she is to be mightily praised and honoured.
The plans for establishing a chook maternity unit down in the goose pens have come to very little, the second chook being transferred down there displaying a mighty huff and Her Maj deciding to release her from the unfamiliar quarters. The better news is that she is back in the nest boxes and brooding again. Since our primary concern is for the welfare of the chicks once hatched, the plan now is to let them hatch where the chook is content and move the family down to the maternity unit later on, should we have successful hatching at all. The consensus of opinion between PTC and HM are that the coop selected for the broody birds is just far too large and unnerving for them to nest in. This will need a little care if we get as far as trying to transfer chicks and mother in due course.
The Cat is showing her rather more familiar arrogant feline self and shunning the litter tray if there is any evidence of her previous attentions; today her preferred place of refuge was behind the TV. Orange peel has now been distributed to all relevant corners of the lounge in the vague hope that this will deter her, as should better litter tray management on the part of the management.
Going through the boxes of photos that still contain clippings I had on the wall of my room at university, I found a new photo for the profile; hope readers like it and those who know me now may be astonished at the evidence of a youthful thatch of hair; we sincerely apologise for the corduroy bomber jacket.


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