Good news, bad news and an osprey

The good news is that the Constipated Cat is no more, constipated that is. She is herself in fine fettle and has used the earth box for the purpose intended. Cheers and huzzahs sounded loud at The Chookery this morning at the joyous news and the Cat was congratulated loudly and tickled behind the ear for being such a good woody-pot little girl.
The Queen of the Chooks and her loyal subject PTC decided this morning to move the broody hen and her clutch of eggs to a separate coop down in the goose pen. Many and careful arrangements were put in place to make the accommodation all that a broody chook could desire and the clutch of seven eggs were carefully moved down in a box full of shavings similar to those on which she had been sitting and she was moved down to join them. All seemed sweetness and light until we came home later in the afternoon after a walk to find that she had refused to sit on her eggs and all seven were stone cold. Looks like we should have moved her when she was broody and before she laid her clutch so that she would settle on them. There being a second broody black chook up in the coop, this is the strategy we decided to adopt with her, lifting the one egg under her for domestic consumption (it was only laid today) and moving her down to the maternity unit in the place of the unsuccessful patient to see whether she would settle in there and lay, and brood, a clutch of her own. We shall have to see and will, of course, report the results of the experiment in this very place.
The seven eggs that went cold will not go to waste, if Her Maj has anything to do with it, she will sort out the edible ones and incorporate them into some culinary delight for the table; the other will go the way of all flesh, i.e. into the river.
I took Her Maj for a walk around the estate this afternoon and pointed out the nest used by the ospreys, who Eddie informed us had returned for the year. We were lucky enough to see one as we came back into the village and were able to identify it’s preferred perching tree and could see the distinctive colouring with ease. The fish farm up on Loch Awe is leaving one of the cages open for the ospreys to take fish from, which is very sporting of them.
We also had the pleasure of watching a pair of buzzards in a courtship flight above one of the more craggy hills down the glen. Great fun.


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