Sergeant Gander gets assertive

This has been a good day for goose eggs with both the grey goose and the white goose producing for the larder, which makes three days in a row that the geese have been laying.
This morning I let the geese out of their smaller pen as usual and white goose toddled off into the pen that the geese habitually use for nesting and laying. She spent several minutes trying to roll with her beak eggs that weren’t there and sitting down and turning around over where here eggs would have been had Pat the Chooks not been such a cruel and heartless character and removed them all. After some minutes, Sergeant Gander came down to see her and a long conversation in goose followed. By this time I was up in the chooks’ pen, which is immediately above the goose pen, and I could see that White Goose had done the decent thing and added to the economic bounty of The Chookery with an egg visible under her.
Being of an inquisitive, if slightly foolish mind, I decided to see whether I could remove the egg from under her instead of waiting for her to go off into the paddock as I usually do. The gander was, by this time, outside in the paddock himself. I went up to White Goose and put my hand beside her to pick up the egg when the pen was suddenly full of a hissing gander, head down, wings outstretched and doing a very good impression of a displeased dad. I relented my original purpose in slight haste and waited for a more goose-free moment in the pen to recover the eggy goodness. Interestingly, the geese do not recognise their own eggs once they are in the hand of the raider of the nest, but I haven’t tried taunting them by putting one down outside in the paddock to see how they might react.
Grey Goose also laid an egg this afternoon, so that is the first day to my knowledge where both of the birds have laid. Accumulated stock of goose eggs is now nine.


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