Gorgeous glens and golden eagles

Today being Saturday and the Queen of the Chooks now esconced at The Chookery, an expedition to the great metropolis of Oban was called for in the afternoon. We took the long way up, along Loch Awe and across to Loch Etive before descending into a town that was severely infested with what the west country folk would call grockles. The day was pleasantly sunny and a good couple of hours were spent exploring the shops in the town, or at least those which had not been graced by the tread of Her Maj before now. Lunch was taken in the form of panninis and good coffee in a small but reasonably-trendy little cafe up a side street to which we shall definitely return in the future. Friendly staff, good service and atmosphere and free papers to read, not to mention the excellent company of the Queen of the Chooks, of course. The cafe in question is F’eats, if anyone is interested, although with a bit of luck next time it won’t be quite so infested with south african backpackers.
Once we had been to the supermarket and stocked up with essentials, it was back down the main road home. Having been looking at a map in town and seen an interesting-looking side road up a glen with a loch, we decided to take a brief detour up that (and back down again, for ’twas but a dead-end) on the way home. This was an excellent turn of curiosity, because Scammadale has to be one of the most beautiful glens in this area; it opens up through a narrow defile into a broad sunny glen between hills about 1000′ high and leads up to a pleasant loch. We both felt that this was one of the most beautiful spots we had seen, although a bit too far from work to commute.
Here we saw a pair of golden eagles soaring above the crags in the blue sky. We stopped and watched them for several minutes as they flew around the ridge of the hills, presumably in the area where they should be nesting.


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