Two dozen eggs and one broody chook

Back to chook news, for which I know my readers tune in with avid attention. All this prattle about constipated cats and the location of the royal litter tray is of limited interest to the devotee of the chook-bird to whom this blog is supposed to be dedicated.
The chooks had been on their own for six days since I last saw them and I was pleased to see that they were all still present and correct and none of them had toddled over to see any nice gentlemen in red bushy tail-coats. All except one hen-chook, who has taken to brooding a small clutch of eggs in the nesting box. The familial fowl in question is one of the black chook-birds, in fact one of the regular tree-roosting crew, and seems completely settled on her nest. We shall wait with eager anticipation for the new arrivals, and try to find them somewhere a little more private for their early days so that mum can raise them to a reasonable size and strength before they are introduced to the rest of the flock. If we are successful and gain some new chooks, it raised the interesting prospect of deciding when, and whom to cull from the older birds. I have my eye on that strange chook with the cockrel tail-feathers personally.
A search of the coop recovered 26 eggs apart from those nestled to the hen-chook’s breast. The geese have also continued to lay with two eggs over the time I was away and one more this morning. The older eggs still in storage and perfectly edible and one over three weeks old made an excellent omelette for tea.


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