Sunday morning musings

The sparrows are nesting somewhere nearby; one has just pinched a chook-feather from the patio and flown off with it. I am a little bit concerned about the amount of cover that has gone with the lopping of the hedgerow, but there is plenty of other cover around, including an abandoned gravel quarry across the road which is full of scrub trees and brambles: perfect bird cover.
The feeders outside the kitchen window are proving very popular. Regular visitors are: chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, coal tit, siskin, sparrow, robin and greenfinch. I used to have a nut feeder outside my office window in Somerset and greenfinches and dunnocks were the most regular visitors. Other birds around here include wrens, blackbirds, hooded crows and, of course, the pair of buzzards nesting across the river.
The buzzards hunt on the hills in front of the house and soar above Dun Dubh, the hill which nearly reaches 1000 feet. Their mewing calls are very distinctive and they seem to be most vocal when they are flying back towards the nest. The nest itself is too hedged about with other branches and trees to be able to see into it, but when the young fledge and fly it should be quite a sight.
I’m writing this on Sunday morning, catching up on a bit of news for the blog. It’s a dry and sunny day, if with a hint of cloud coming in to provide an overcast. The plan is to get my act together and go out for a decent walk in the hills, get some exercise, fresh air and a change of scenery from the garden.


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