Neggotiations to proceed

Have spoken to the lady who runs the Italian restaurant and she is very interested in getting her hands on my eggs (ooer missus) and will be coming round tomorrow morning to have a look at the package I can offer. Given that the chooks produced five eggs today, this is probably just in time – the fridge is beginning to groan with the accumulated ovulation.
Much milder here today, although rain continues to make the ground very soft and slippery underfoot. The river at the bottom of the garden is swollen and Loch Ederline is up at least two feet. Although the rivers around here are not very wide, they are fast and powerful and falling in would be no joke.
PTC’s saint’s day today and several people making the point, which is not the experience of life in England.
Not a bad day at work either: dazzling the boss with pivot tables.
No egg from the geese, either that or they are laying outside in the paddock and I haven’t tracked the nest down yet. I don’t think that’s the case.
Special recipe sunflower seed bread loaves are now cooling in their splendour in the kitchen. One of the domestic skills and a great pleasure to see home-baked bread. Certainly there’s no decent local craft baker and this is the only way to get fabulous tasty bread in the house. Cunning plan will be to boil an egg as a sample for the restaurant lady tomorrow morning and serve it up with some home-made bread to complement the egg. Pity I haven’t got my own butter to spread on it yet … I wonder what a Highland coo would think of my marshy little paddock?


2 Responses to “Neggotiations to proceed”

  1. Harlequin Rabbit Says:

    How do you think the Queen of the Chooks will react to the idea of a Highland coo?

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Her Maj would take it in her stride, although given the size of her stride, she may need stilts to cross the cowpats.

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