Grey Goose Cottons On

Regular readers of the reproductive saga into which this blog is turning will be pleased to learn that the grey goose has decided it’s time to brood those eggs! When I shut the geese up for the night this evening, she went into the coop with the small clutch of eggs and settled herself down on them, even hissing when I went in to see what she was up to. Therefore, action! The pen has been made proof against wandering randy ganders of all ranks and she will now be penned up in there until she hatches the eggs, they clearly addle or she begs to be paroled. She will be fed and watered inside the pen and the theory will be put to the test.
Somewhat pissed off with the landlords tonight when I came home and found the preferred bucket for feeding the geese had been put in the bin! I don’t mind them tackling the trees and shrubs, after all they will be living here in a few years’ time, but there are ruddy limits.


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