Meet The Residents Part I

Now that PTC has got his balding head around photo blogging, it’s time, at long last, to introduce the residents of The Chookery to the world. First are the cockrels, Old Red and Chalky, who can be seen in the two posts immediately below this one. PTC, being a tyro when it comes to the world of poultry, has no idea of the breeds of the chooks, so expects in some trepidation comments from chook-fanciers the world over informing him of things he should know.
Old Red and Chalky demonstrate quite clearly in the photos their separate characters: Chalky is younger and camera-shy; Old Red is baffled by the mere fact of the sun coming up each morning and can’t be arsed to get out of the way of the photographer.
Sergeant Gander was up to bedroom antics with White Goose this afternoon; the matter of comment is that he’s a boy for doing it in the pond – water beds or what?


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