The Queen Takes Her Throne

Today was the day the Queen of the Chooks took her throne and PTC had to bow the knee when it came to dealings with the chooks. At the crack of dawn Her Maj organised a work party to clean out the coop down to the last speck of dust, replenish the shavings and re-roof the nesting boxes, from which the old felt was peeling like a white man’s back in the desert sun. Much improved conditions, even if the nesting boxes are now covered with re-used feed bags and proudly proclaim to all who can see the name of our local agricultural merchant. Still, waste not, want not.
The bullying of the chinese goose has continued and we have continued the strict regime of separate pens for her and the domestic geese.
Chickabiddy “A” was taken onto the hills by my neighbour and a friend to recover a red deer carcase that had been stalked the previous day, so an early introduction to blood sports.
Consolation prize was that Her Maj decided the whole family deserved yet more chocolate pancakes, and this time PTC was there to enjoy them as well. Not entirely sure they lived up to the billing, but the kids thought they were great. Opinions were not sought from the avian residents at The Chookery.


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