OK, Who Had The Chocolate Pancakes?

Off to work today leaving my little chickabiddies and the Queen of the Chooks at The Chookery for a day of idleness and indolence. In case anyone has already reached for the dictionary and would like to suggest that these are synonyms, I should like to make it clear (a) that I know that and (b) don’t imagine that my kids lack the resources to indulge in both idleness and indolence at the same time. To fuel this extravaganza of effort, Her Maj decided to use several of the assorted “jobby” eggs to make, and I cannot express sufficiently in words here, chocolate pancakes for the children and left none for me! Oh, I’m so cross I could resort to BLOCK CAPITALS, but I shan’t, because that would be shouting and VERY RUDE. The consolation is that Her Maj, having seen the tsunami of disappointment that crossed the finely-chiselled (sneak reference to “Plum” there), relented to the extent that PTC will be breakfasting tomorrow on pancakes of the proper, non-chocolatey variety. PTC is, of course, far too mature even to consider eating chocolate pancakes, although being a gentleman, would have gone so far in avoiding hurting a lady’s feelings as to clean up any of the chocolate variety that had been placed in front of him, no matter how much he might have enjoyed them.


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