Another Sunny Sunday

People will be starting to get the wrong idea about the Highland climate, methinks, if I title these posts with such meteorologically-enticing phrases. I should make it clear, of course, that it did actually rain yesterday afternoon for about twenty minutes.

No posts for a couple of days due to the fact that the $ky man had been and I now have telly again. The novelty value alone made me catch up on the 200-channels-and-nothing-to-watch syndrome, although I think I might be coming out of the worst of the early stages now.

Yesterday I went for a long walk around the vicinity of Loch Glashan, near Lochgair. The Forestry Commission advertised the walk as being ten miles in length, but I’m sure it was nearer eight and a half. Superb views across the loch and into the hills and forest. Not another soul to be seen and saw bullfinches and goldfinches into the bargain. Heard, but did not see, a woodpecker somewhere in the trees and smelled the musk of stags.

Back in time to see a couple of the best rugby matches I’ve seen for a long time, even if Scotland failed to earn the victory they so richly deserved. Great rejoicing for the Welsh in their courageous and determined assault on the English. It wouldn’t have been such a nail-biter if the taffies had managed to make use of all the missed chances that they created in the first half. Roll on the rest of the tournament.

Not a lot of chook news recently, although Old Red has taken to lurking overnight in the geese’s pen and I shall have to deal with him. No eggs for a couple of days, but there might be one or two today.

I’m away on a course for the next week, but the kids will be up here for their half-term the week after that. If the weather is as kind as it has been this weekend, it’ll be great. It will also be amusing to watch the girls looking after the chooks and geese; after all, there’s no point in having children and not putting them to work.


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