Long Sea Views

I thought I’d just spend a few minutes recording the view from Kintyre to Ireland today. A long drive down the peninsula this morning and stopped on the way back to admire the view across the North Channel to Antrim. Ireland is very close to Scotland here and, when visibility permits, it seems as close as Ayrshire to the east. Looking down the coast beyond the Mull the hills of Antrim seem only a continuation of the same range. It was hard to work out how far to the west one could see. I’d previously thought that I could see Inishowen from sea level, but I rather think that I’m looking across at Rathlin Island and possibly Benbane Head near the Giant’s Causeway.

Good news for the girls is that the beds have been delivered, so I’d better put them together tomorrow to make sure there are no problems with them in case I need to make a phone call to the furniture store. Because I’m away next week and then picking up the kids, I need to pull my finger out and get the house ready for visitors. I’m still deciding which of the kids should be put in charge of the geese and which the chooks. A great opportunity for paternal meanness, which I shall have to try to avoid.


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