One of those days when the vagaries of work actually coincide with pleasure. One of the jobs for the day was to go and look at a beach in conjunction with a new sewage treatment works. I spent a happy half-hour walking along the beach, talking to fishermen and counting the sea-urchin shells (six broken ones). They fish for velvet crab amongst other beasties around here, most of which go off to Spain where they appreciate these things.

Chooks behaving themselves and one large brown egg today. Boiled eggs for tea.

I’ve sent a couple of links to other websites using the “BLog This” tool, but it seems to take an absolute age to get added to the blog. Hope they appear before too long.

I see the English government has decided to outsource the capital punishment of house-breakers from the courts (which no longer – thankfully- have the power) to the population at large. That and the introduction of house arrest on ministerial say-so and this government seems to be going to the dogs. Policy these days seems to be made on the back of a fag-packet (cigarette carton, for the sake of the colonial readers). Not often I feel the need to express political opinions in this blog, which isn’t its purpose, but you really have to feel astonished at the alactrity with which Blair’s Boys lose the plot of any given issue of the day…


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