Three Egg Special

Today was the first day that the chooks presented me with three eggs. For the technically-minded, one small, white job and two large, brown jobs. It looks as if the chooks have been responding to the fabulous weather we’ve had this week and have decided it’s spring already, which it most certainly isn’t. This is the highlands after all, and snow can be expected into June.
Spoke to chummy at the furniture store today about the non-delivery of the expected new beds for the kiddies, only to discover that they hadn’t even been delivered to the store yet. Chummy did promise delivery towards the end of next week, which he better had, because my credit card has already been debited and the last day I can accept delivery before the kids come up is Saturday week. Grump.
The light today has been fantastic. I stopped along the road today on my way back from a job and took loads of toggies of scenic views of cloud-capped hills on distant islands in semi-silhouette. Hope the old replacement for the digital camera makes its appearance soon so I can the more easily post some toggies of the environs.


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