Sunday Side Up

Just a quick update on the day’s events since my morning post.

Went for a five mile walk through the woods up from the bottom loch to the upper one. Very cold to start with but soon reached the balmy temperature of about four degrees Celcius. Stopped for a breather at a viewpoint looking down on the bottom loch and found myself being stalked by a robin. The bird would appear on a branch in sight and then dash down into the undergrowth and trees, skipping just behind the screen they made, to re-appear a few yards away on another branch. It was very quiet and peaceful there; the onlysound was that of rocks and stones falling from an exposed rockface across the track where the thawing ice and frost was releasing to earth’s bonds material it had loosened as it froze last night. Saw three roe deer scamper into the cover of the trees from the road as I drove to the forestry carpark.

The sun today encouraged the chooks to use the patio on the south side of the house for their own purposes, the cockrels assuming the privileged position of the steps up to the house. The chooks have had a great day today, scratchig around the bushes and shrubs in the garden and paddock and sunning themselves. They even shared their pleasure with me by producing one nice large brown egg.

I’ve got a seed feeder and a couple of fat balls hanging outside the window of the office for the wild birds. They have been using the facilities to the full and blue and great tits, chaffinches and a blackbird have been around today. The blackbird just patrols the ground underneath the feeder in the hope of scrumbs from the table coming its way. Must remember to get some more peanuts for them; those I had bought have run out.


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