My First Aurora

Sounds terribly Micro$oft, doesn’t it? But this evening I saw the aurora borealis for the first time that I can remember. I was driving into the local town for a talk on the MacDougall Collection (see next post) and was puzzled by what appeared to be skyglow from the setting moon, which was stubbornly suspended in the eastern sky. Further on down the road the aurora was more clearly visible, with green curtains and a red wash over the western sky. Not very distinct, but definitively the aurora and another highland first.
Chalky the cockrel was up to his old tricks tonight, perching on the fence in the geese’s pen, so a quick uplift and over the fence to his own pen, accompanied by loud protests on his part. Still, by the time I got round to shutting the chooks’ pen, he was making his way into the coop with soft enquiries of the settled residents as to his welcome, which seemed to have been extended, for in he went. After all, that’s where the ladies are and I can’t imagine he want to snuggle up to a cold fence post as an alternative for the night.
The chooks presented me with one small, white and one large, brown egg this evening. As it’s a shopping day to the larger town some distance off tomorrow, I may just indulge in some bacon or sausages to accompany these ootic donations.
A cold night tonight with ice likely, so I must remember to take care stepping out in the morning: I don’t want to bounce down the steps on my back again.


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