Snowfall and a Warm Egg

As I was writing my post last night, snow was falling silently here in the highlands and there was about an inch lying when I made my usual late-night inspection of the scene from the back door before locking-up. There was more snow overnight and a couple of inches lying when I went out to feed the geese in the morning. Getting the car out was more interesting than usual, because there is a rising slope from the garage up towards the road and a steep turn at the top of the drive. I had to resort to shovelling some out of the way to get a good run-up at the rest of the drive before I could get away this morning. A mixture of snow, sleet, hail and rain today, and the BBC weather forecast suggested that “sunny” would be an appropriate way to summarise the day’s meteorological activity – there’s optimism for you.
There was still snow lying when I came home this evening, early enough to enjoy the last of the daylight when putting the geese to bed, and it was possible to get some evidence about the habits of the different birds. The geese, remarkably, confined their movements almost entirely to the section of the paddock near the pen: there were no goose prints across 80% of the entire paddock. The chooks, by comparison, had left their mark over the entire garden and a large part of the paddock. This behaviour of the geese tends to explain why the part of the paddock near their pen is so puddled-up by their feet and the rest is untouched.
One nice, warm, large brown egg from the chooks tonight.


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