Mouldy Old Monday

More gales and blustery winds galloping around the eaves of the house last night; as a consequence got precious little sleep and started a train of thought about the disjointed nature of digital writing compared with the coherent nature of analogue manuscript. Remind me to expand the idea at some stage: note to self – “The Prophet”, by Kalil Gibran.
A bit of a Monday mood over the chooks and geese today, although the chooks respected the start of the working week and presented me with two eggs: one medium brown and the other small white. Colleague at work spoke enthusiastically about the eggy bread he and his boys enjoyed for breakfast on Saturday – all six eggs gone in one fell swoop. My stocks are growing as well, so, being too idle to bake bread again this evening, it will be either eggs for breakfast tomorrow and sandwiches for lunch, or toast for breakfast and hard-boiled eggs for lunch. 60/40 on the boiled eggs for breakfast at the moment.
Today has been markedly drier than the last couple of weeks and there is a perceptible improvement in the ground conditions underfoot, although both the geese’s and chooks’ pens are pretty cut-up by their feet. It’s surprising just how much a few geese can cut up the turf when the ground is saturated. Came home about half-past-four and the evening was still just about light. The geese were all sat on the ground, which is something I haven’t seen them do before, but protested mildly when sent into their pen for the night. All of the chooks had retired to the coop already.
The weather forecast for the remainder of the week is for showers and brighter intervals, although we are still in for a few more days of gales. With a bit of luck this will give the ground a chance to recover.


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