Birthday Treat from the Chooks

Today has been my birthday, so it was a treat to get back this evening and find two eggs waiting for me.

An early start today, due to work taking me to one of the Hebridean islands for the day. Opened the pens at half-past-five in the morning, much to the confusion of the geese. Chooks still in their coop, so no comment from them. Came back this evening late as well, and all birds safe in their pens. I seem to have won the argument with the white cockerel over sleeping arrangements, and he is now retiring to the coop at dusk.

The weather forecast and inshore waters forecast this morning was filthy, so, this being my first Hebridean crossing, I approached it with a little trepidation. All was fine, though, with both crossings comfortable. The general view seems to be, if the ferry’s going, go with it. Bitter wind on the islands and I found my feet got coldest first – must acquire some better-insulated shoes such as Doc Martens.

Other birthday gift of significance was a first edition copy of Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell from my mother. She went to some trouble to find that and I shall treasure it.


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