Konrad Lonrenz Has Nothing on Me

Dryish day today – or at least it wasn’t raining. I still find it astonishing just how a few poultry can churn up wet ground into slimy mud. Geese on their best behaviour today – or at least, more behaviour to observe. Opened the fence between the paddock and the lawn today for them to get at some fresher grass. For a while, nothing happened, and then they formed up in line astern, Sergeant Gander at the fore and followed, in order, by White Goose and then Grey Goose, they faced the gap in the fence, started honking and, flapping furously, proceeded to pass from one place to another. Having found themselves in the upper garden, they then observed the gate to the chooks’ pen was open (you will recall the geese in the grain incident) and formed a council of war! They faced inwards, honked to each other, summoned up the courage and lined up in battle formation again, Sergeant Gander to the fore once more, and headed towards the chooks’ ample supply of grain. Cap’n Pat was ahead of them however, and shut the gate on their plans.
Chooks themselves spent a happy day scratching around in my garden and the neighbours’ garden, explored the lower reaches of the paddock among the reeds by the river and just chilled out on the patio. One of the black hens started cackling and, presuming I could understand her imperatives, opened the gate to the pen and coop and in she wandered, ten minutes later presenting me with a fine egg. I fancy I almost understand this bird talk.
All chooks and geese safely shut up for the night now, and I took the liberty of moving the white cockerel from his preferred roost on the fence of the goose pen to the chooks’ pen proper. I hope he has reconciled himself to his cousins and passes a quiet night among the hens. There doesn’t seem to be any trouble between him and the red cockerel and they each seem to have their own preferred hens.


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