Reynard WAS Responsible, Say Locals

Well, according to the neighbours in the village, a fox was seen coming into my gate two days ago, so poor old Droopy-Drawers was probably taken by him. Reynard is shown no mercy in these parts and shot on sight. My landlord feels he needs to go out lamping in the next few weeks to see whether he can take some more foxes. Having spent the afternoon chatting to my neighbours, I came back to find most of the chooks roosting in the geese’s pen, because I had shut the gate to the chooks’ pen to keep the geese from the grain-feeder (see earlier posts). Much merriment ensued while I sorted the chooks from the geese and got them back into their coop. Last in, of course, was the old red cockerel, who has a local reputation for being the stuffing short of a roast dinner and is often found playing traffic cop, standing in the middle of the road preventing the free passage of travellers and trade until he is good and ready.
Geese securely shut up behind bars tonight.


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