No Chinese Wall

As previously mentioned, one of the geese is a rather sweet little chinese goose. S/he (I really don’t know, but I think of her as she …) is smaller than the rest and doesn’t get a look-in when I give them a bucket of grain in the morning. Even Droopy-Drawers, the one at the bottom of the pecking order, does better than China when the grain comes out. China has discovered she can squeeze under the fence between the goose paddock and the garden, from which she can waddle into the chooks’ enclosure and enjoy a feed on their grain. Somehow I don’t really resent this because she doesn’t seem to be nearly as greedy as her white cousins. The only problem is that she is too thick to remember how she got out in the first place and getting her back with the other geese is a few minutes of light jogging around the garden, which must be a hilarious spectator sport with wellies squelching on the wet grass. However, for the sake of good conduct and discipline I have closed up her private access to the chooks’ grain and she will just have to learn to negotiate with her western neighbours over the scarce resources.


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