Living with Chooks

I moved into a cottage in the Scottish Highlands last weekend. It comes complete with five geese and a dozen or so chickens. This will be the rather boring diary of life with the chooks.
I’ve never kept poultry before, although my wife has and is looking forward to moving up with me next summer. The geese are four domestic white jobs and one small chinese goose. There are two cockrels and ten or so assorted hens of various sizes and colours. The boss cockrel is a large white one, although there is another old boy who seems content to scratch around with the hens. The birds have not had their wings clipped and several of them roost in a tree above their pen. They also have no respect for the boundaries of the garden and seem to prefer next door’s garden to mine.
They are beginning to recognise me and are starting to expect grain and other goodies when I come down to see them in the morning.


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