Hot Mash – of sorts – for breakfast

This morning I gave the chooks a mash of chopped, cooked vegetables all mixed up with some wholemeal bread that was going a bit stale. They left the pieces of onion and gobbled the rest, so that’s encouraging. I nearly added the tip of my left fore-finger being too enthusiastic with the knife, but no more harm than a chipped fingernail.

Bought some compressed wood shavings for the nest boxes today and will tomorrow give the coop a bit of a clean-out. Having had a look, the perch bars have square-profile tops, which is not as the books seem to recommend. Mind you, the whole of the coop is a bit of a stramash and needs relocating, repair, cleaning etc. etc.. Plenty for the tyro poultryman to catch up with.

Plan is to go off to Oban tomorrow to do the shopping, having cleaned out the coop in the morning. The evening is the local pantomime and hopefully a chance to meet some thesps and see about getting involved in local amdram. If it’s not peeing with rain on Sunday will go off for a walk into the local hills and see the sights, weather permitting.


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